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Sunday, February 7, 2010

:. I Love You Nenek .:

Through all the good times we had
She never said I was bad
I will always remember her style
And best I will never forget her smile

She was my Grandma
She was nothing more
She was my whole world,
I wish I could have followed her
Through that sacred door

When she was sick
I stayed by her side
I couldn't begin to show her love,
Even with my arms open wide

I waited with her and cried
But I wasn't there
The morning she died

The lovely beautiful lady
That means so much to me
May be gone from the land of the living

But with me she will always be
Because my memory holds her dearly
And my pen recalls her ways
And most of all I love her

A love that always stays
It stays inside my memory
And is often on my mind
Because a lady like my grandma
Is rare and hard to find.

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